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    • How to talk like a 50 year old

      Vital magazine | April 2014
      Speaking to different generations on their level is one of the most challenging – yet neglected – workplace skills.

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    • Emotional Intelligence

      Vital magazine | April 2013
      Communication trainer Jennifer MacKay tells us what this is and why we need it.

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    • Influencing decision makers

      Finance and Management magazine | January 2012
      How do you make your voice heard by those with sway in the workplace?

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    • Speaking your number one life skill

      Student Focus magazine | November 2011
      The key to academic, career and social success maybe on the tip of your tongue.

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    • Connecting with the smartphone generation

      Connecting with the smartphone generation | May 2011
      Today's workplace can be a rich mix of cultural background, gender and age, yet...

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    • Take command of the stage

      Nursing Standard | May 2011
      How many people can you present to without breaking into a cold sweat?

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    • Presentation skills survival guide

      Student Focus magazine | May 2011
      Public speaking is daunting at best, completely terrifying at worst, but to succeed in business you need to master the art.

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    • Managing your Manager

      Finance and management magazine | February 2011
      Jennifer MacKay explains how to get the most out of those who manage you.

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    • What not to do in the work place

      Finance and Management magazine | December 2010
      There are plenty of potential pitfalls in any career - but what if some of them are of your own making?

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    • Communicate with Difficult Colleagues

      Nursing Standard | December 2010
      Ever wish you could get along with difficult colleagues? Jennifer MacKay explains how to overcome communication problems in the workplace.

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    • Difficult conversations

      Finance and Management magazine | March 2010
      We have all had conversations that didn't go as we had hoped...

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