Reflect, regroup and move forward

One to one tailored coaching offers the opportunity for individuals to reflect, regroup and move forward.

Following an initial consultation, we build a programme to help the client achieve their coaching goals.

Career transition coaching

For those who have recently been promoted, changed jobs or are looking to take the next step in their career, we identify and develop the communication skills and behaviours needed to succeed.

Communication skills coaching

Experiencing communication challenges with team members or clients? Avoiding conflict situations and important conversation? We assess the individual's current preferred communication style and behaviours. We then work to equip the individual with a greater range of communication options.

Public speaking and presentation skills coaching

Preparing for an important speech, pitch or presentation? We offer a range of services including reviewing, editing, rehearsing and providing in-depth feedback.

Alternatively we offer more general presentation skills and public speaking coaching. Whether it's increasing impact and confidence at networking, in meetings or when presenting to the board, we tailor-make programmes that develop the skills that produce successful outcomes.

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